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Rotating Bucket Grapple

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High Powered Rotating Bucket Grapple

To ensure your equipment has enough power to match the output speed you want, go with Daehan products supplied by Earth Master Grapples. Our rotating bucket grapples are manufactured with high quality materials and are made to withstand the industrial and construction environment.

This product was designed to make things run smoothly at construction sites and give users better control when operating machinery. For products that last longer, invest in one of our premium bucket grapples today.

A Grapple Made to Withstand Harsh Working Environments

Product features

  • New type power 360° Rotating Grapple.
  • Minimized hydraulic trouble which may occur during rotating works.
  • Oil flow control valve and motor protection mechanism applied.
  • Specially designed swing bearing for durability and big cylinder for more power.
  • Enclosed cylinder check valve installed to prevent the drop of holding material.
  • For loading scrap, garbage, demolition debris and waste paper.
  • Used in a variety of applications including the handling of disposable waste, brush,
  • logs, construction debris, stones, pipes, landscaping works and many others.
  • Flexible choices dependent on job requirement.
  • Operator can control the rotating speed.

Equipment that Helps with Efficiency

Daehan products are made with reliability in mind. Our goal is to create long term customers that trust us and the products we offer. As leaders in the grapple manufacturing industry, we ensure to always update our product catalogue so that we are bringing the best and latest in grapple technology, We have a range of products currently on offer:

Earth Master Grapples is Your Go-To Provider of Quality Rotating Bucket Grapples & More

Invest in equipment that improves your business with Earth Master Grapples today. If you have any questions about your products, feel free to get in touch with us on 07 3801 3855. Alternatively, if you are interested in our rotating bucket grapple, use the enquire now button to request a quote and we’ll get back to you.

Model Unit DHRB 03 DHRB 04 DHRB 06 DHRB 07 DHRB 08 DHRB 09 DHRB 10 DHRB 14
Weight Kg 310 390 850 970 1370 1510 1760 1220
 Jaw Opening  mm  1120 1400 1600 1600 1850 2850 2000 2200
Oil Pressure Kg/cm2 100~140 110~160 140~180 160~200 160~220 180~220 180~220 190~230
Operating Flux lpm 30~70 40~90 90~120 140~180 140~190 170~210 170~220 190~250
Cylinder ton 4.5 x 2 4.5 x 2 8.0 x 2 9.7 x 2 9.7 x 2 12 x 2 12 x 2 12 x 2
Carrier ton 4 ~ 67~10 11 ~ 15 16 ~ 19 20~ 23 24 ~ 28 29 ~ 32 33 ~ 40  
The Specifications of this equipment are subject to change for improvements.